How EXTERRA works
against Termites

YOU'VE GOT TERMITES and you want them gone. Here's how EXTERRA does it.

1. EXTERRA starts in the ground...

The first step of using EXTERRA is to install In-ground Stations around your property where termites are likely to be foraging for food. The Stations contain wooden interceptors that numerous, independent, studies have shown are the termites preferred food source.

2. ...or under the concrete...

If your property is surrounded by concrete, then the special EXTERRA In-concrete Station is used. This has a stainless steel cap that seals flush with the pathway.

3. ...and inside your home FOR QUICK RESULTS.

EXTERRA Above-ground Stations are the preferred approach when termites are already in your home. LABYRINTH Termite Bait is placed in the safe and sealed Station when it is installed. Above-ground Stations speed up the process of colony elimination. After the termite colony is eliminated, the Above-ground Stations are removed.

4. When the termites are intercepted...

Termites are easily detected in the EXTERRA Stations. The unique (patented) design of the EXTERRA Station allows for termites to be seen without disturbing them. This is very important. And the termites are not disturbed when the LABYRINTH Termite Bait is added either.

5. ...and now the LABYRINTH Termite Bait goes to work.

LABYRINTH Termite Bait is added without disturbing the termites. This is vital to achieve quick and consistent results. LABYRINTH is highly palatable to termites and they readily consume it in preference to wood. LABYRINTH is also non-toxic to you and your pets.

6. Termites can't resist LABYRINTH, leading to the colony's quick demise.

The termites feed on the LABYRINTH and take it back to the colony where it is fed slowly throughout the entire colony. Since the termites die gradually, they do not associate the colony's demise with the consumption of LABYRINTH. This ensures that the entire colony is eliminated.

7. The colony is eliminated.

Any remaining LABYRINTH is removed. Fresh interceptors are placed in the In-ground Stations, and the Above-ground Stations are removed. To protect you against the constant threat from new termite colonies or other established colonies, the EXTERRA System works on an ongoing process of 'Peace of Mind' monitoring, baiting and eliminating.

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